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About Us


Welcome to MyBollywoodStudio.com. It is the first video hosting website dedicated to delivering Bollywood dance classes online but it doesn’t end here.  As the world of Bollywood continues to evolve, it captivates audiences worldwide and has so much to offer including acting, music, dance and experiencing the rich culture of India.

Therefore, we at MyBollywoodStudio.com aim to provide you with an opportunity to receive knowledge and training in all areas of dance, music, spirituality and the arts. With our team of talented instructors, we provide professionally produced videos with the student in mind offering the sense of taking a private lesson from home or at the comfort of your laptop screen. We extend these different classes to you so that you can become a well rounded Bollywood professional yourself.

In July 2008, MyBollywoodStudio.com was brought to life by two sisters, Preeti Haqq and Jaya Vaswani. In 2010 we partnered with Janet Uribe who is now our fitness guru  and is heading the JaiHO fit program that is coming to you! Due to the lack of available Bollywood dance classes in gyms or studios, especially in rural areas, our vision began with one thought: to produce high-quality instructional videos on demand making Bollywood dance and fitness accessible and available to all those interested across the globe, and what better way than over the Internet.

We wish to teach, share, and inspire by creating a virtual portal that consumers can take ownership of. Creating an innovative and easier way for novice dancers to get quality dance lessons at an economic price, and a chance for individuals with busy schedules to find time for our exhilarating classes, MyBollywoodStudio.com  is open 24 hours a day at your convenience. Once you become a member with our website, you are part of an elite group that shares your passion for dance and cares about your progress.  Our Bollywood Community lets you meet and greet other people around the globe that share your love for Bollywood culture. In addition, we have opened the door for you to start selling your classes, build your profile, market your studios.

Our website can also be a valuable information source for instructors and a distribution outlet for choreographers. In addition, our specialized choreographers, dancers and instructors are available for hire and can travel to make your next event even more memorable. Contact us for more information: preeti@mybollywoodstudio.com