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“Can’t wait for Diwali to show off my Bhangra”

-Jonesh Mirpuri

“After I took your classes I have really learned how to move with grace and confidence. Thank you for making me into a better dancer”

-Anju Mahtani

“Can you perform in Texas for our society”

-John Hodges

“I can’t wait to perform my dance”

-Lilliana Mendez

“I have lost all my baby weight thanks to your site”

-Madhu Gupta

“What a great performance last night, you all were the star of the show”

-One Love Miami

“Thank you for helping me get over my fears of dancing in public”

-Melissa Evans

“Love you ALL!!!!!”

-Emery Scott

“I can’t wait to show off my moves at my wedding, Thank you, MyBollywoodstudio.com”

-Samual Davis

“What a great concept”

-Adrianna Miles

“Arjun you make my day happier and more able to take on my daily tasks. I have learned to have more confidence and feel better physically!”

-Lorena Miles

“Janet Uribe thank you for your classes, I have lost 10 pounds!”

-Jonny Adams

“I start my mornings with your meditations and it helps me to have inner happiness, confidence and peace”

-Lilliana Mendez

“What an amazing concept and what amazing teachers!”

-Cecilia Jones

“I joined as your client last summer. My bellydance students asked me to teach bollywood and tried to find classes in Finland and Scandinavia but cannot find many good ones… I have bought many good videos and thank God I found you….I got many nice movements from your classes. Your idea of internet lessons is brilliant for a person like me who cannot find good teachers near”.

-Best regards,Teija Ahola

“I have been very pleased with your services – and would like to commend you on your concept. I plan on performing the dance to Kajra Re at an event and I cannot wait to perform this and I know that many people will be asking me where I learned it. I will be happy to pass the good word about your company along” Thank you.

-Renuka J Shringer

“To MyBollywoodStudio.com: Thank you for your help. I have enjoyed your site and referred to several of my co-workers. Thanks for some wonderful work outs!”


“I think online bollywood dance lessons is great idea specially since I have quite a busy schedule and can’t always make it to a class”


“I must say Jaya is a great teacher and a great dancer. I really enjoy the class.”


“Hi goddess!!! So great meeting you the other day @ conscious party wednesday~ i loved your class and look forward to dancing again with you soon!!”

-Michelle Hurtado

“So much joy and energy…dance away with MyBollywoodStudio.com! “

-Luis Mejia

“Goddess, you are mesmerizing; from the tips of your nails to the depth of your heart. MMMMUAH!”.

– Tara Shea

“Thank you for the piece of magic you shared with us tonight, you make learning easy”.

– Heart Centered Living in South Florida

“Jaya angel goddess!. I loved your performance last night:) and I checked out your website last night and it is really fantastic! I am impressed by how far you are sharing your passion for teaching dance”.

-Dashama Konah Gordon, respected Yoga Instructor

“Janet, your performances are amazing and out of this world”
-Hanah Aziz

“I sincerely loved your performance last night. It was moving and quite magical. Thank you.”

-Stacy Greene, Journey of Dance

“Hi Jaya, thank you for participating in our Cirque LOVE event. I really appreciate your vision, and what you are doing to fulfill on it. :)”

– Sending love 3 Jared Krupnik Expand the Love Organization

“Thank you Janet Uribe for your beautiful classes and for motivating me to push harder.”

-Lisa Staley