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Elizabeth Balparda

Ballet for Bollywood with Elizabeth Balparda

elizabethbalpaElizabeth Balparda was born to Uruguayan parents in Elizabeth, New Jersey. She started taking ballet classes at 4 years of age in Damary’s Dance Studio, New Jersey. Years later, when her mother decided to return to their country of origin, Uruguay, Elizabeth entered the National School of Dance, which formed the building blocks of her dance training and education. Attending the National school of dance in Uruguay meant not only 8 years of dedication and pure consciousness to the study of ballet on a daily basis, (England technique), but other subjects such as: music, history of ballet, modern, etc.

Once Elizabeth graduated from the National School of Dance, she began to focus on another technique, the Russian, with her teacher and the 1st Dancer of SODRE (National Company),  Mr. Alejandro Godoy. She also became a part of an independent dance group called “Danza91”. As a soloist, some of her performances include “Kitry’s friends” in Don Quixote, “Fairy” in Sleeping Beauty, “Black Swan” in Swan Lake, etc.

Elizabeth has participated in many National and International events as: Montevideo Danzabile (1994), All Dancing (1995), 1st Seminar with the 1st Dancer of Bolsoi, Mr. G. Taranta, and Bentos in Dance in Brazil. After winning 1st prize as Advanced Soloist in 1997 at the Bentos event, her path changed directions and she gave birth to her daughter, Belen. Belen is now 13 years old and inherits her mother’s vocation in dance and art.

In 2001, due to the economic crisis that crossed Uruguay, Elizabeth decided to return to the United States but this time the destination was Miami, FL. At Dance Town Studio in Miami, she resumed her dance classes under the direction of grand master and choreographer Mr. Manuel Castro. To complement her studies, she took ballroom, flamenco and jazz classes for 4 years. In 2008, she was certified as danceologist by Dancelab Inc. , a program which combines, dance, entertainment and fitness through different rhythms which are the representatives of the various cultures it embraces.

Currently, Elizabeth teaches ballet at Peaches Ballet & Arts Studio in North Miami, FL to children from 3 to 12 years, and  adults. She also trains other professional dancers of various dance styles – wishing to improve their technique. At the start of 2010, Elizabeth met Jaya Vaswani through her friend Janet Uribe and from that day until now, we have been working together as a part of MyBollywoodStudio.com. Together with our passions, we are performing, teaching and choreographing.

“I invite you to experience what Dance is, no matter the style or the pace because the essence of dance is in every one of us in the purest form … dance, feel and enjoy.”  Elizabeth


Ballet, Bar and Floor Technique

Elizabeth Balparda