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Rahul Nath

Your Bollywood Fitness Instructor

image006“Believe in a miracle and you will create magic”.  These same words were uttered to Rahul Nath at a very young age and since then the miracles just keep happening

Rahul was born to Indian parents in London and has since grown up and lived here.  He always wanted to be an actor but fate had a small but interesting detour for him- Dentistry.  But it is from the hard training as a dentist that he learned all the qualities of a successful actor: hard work, dedication, self discipline, focus and success.  “Without dentistry I would never be where I am now”

While attending dental school at the world renowned Guys Hospital, he would take roles in local British films and London based Bollywood films before dedicating himself to training at The Poor School and Judi Dench’s Questor Theatre, in London, which is where his stage talent came alive.


His performance of the Burgomaster in Frederic Durrenmatt’s “The Visit” was so convincing that audience members were convinced he had an abnormal body posture and that he was actually fourteen stone!!  In Coda4Makbet, a modern day twist on the story of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the comical timing of his character is so precise, that laughter can be expected at any point.

Added to the training would be television and film work that would create a greater demand for him to learn the craft.  Rahul has appeared in provocative films and Bollywood blockbusters.

Rahul has also enjoyed working with new directors who have had dynamic ideas that have made the screen light up.  He finds new directors are the directors of tomorrow as they focus on the issues of now and the future.  Rahul is very open to working on today issues such as human trafficking, prostitution and terrorism because they make you appreciate what you have and gain an understanding why people do what they do.

As well as a successful acting career, he is also been blessed with great dancing skills, specialising in modern Indian and Bollywood dancing and performing at top venues in London, such as, Brixton Academy and Carling London Apollo, where he has choreographed dance and stage sequences. He has performed for the reputable FlexFx productions.  He has also been seen in the Tamil Industry super-hit “Ashok” to the song”Gola Gola Rangola” with NTR junior and Sameera Reddy

To cater for the growing British Indian market, Rahul has also anchored numerous shows for local Indian channels to showcase the talent of Bollywood music.  Not only has this put the Indian viewers in touch with their culture it has also made youngsters of the Indian community to become more in touch with their origins

Over the years, Rahul has also taken a strong interest in spiritual paths, that he feels has allowed him to grow as an individual, to keep a very positive state of mind on a regular basis and also to attract all the good from the universe.  He has daily connections with works involving Eckankar (religion of Light and Sound), The Secret (Rhonda Byrne) and Archangels (Doreen Virtue)

The question is what else is left for Rahul to achieve? In his eyes he feels the journey has just begun, “I want audiences to see films and be so moved by what they see that they remember it for a long time.  If audiences still talk about your performance years later, you know you defiantly are an entertainer


Rahul’s Bollywood Aerobics

Rahul Nath