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Meditation Classes


All of our positive thinking and meditation classes can be viewed for FREE. We believe spreading goodness should not come with a price. We allow users to tip at their own will but all of the proceeds will be donated the the Brahma Kumaris World Peace Organization.

Meditation is going beyond this physical body, waste thoughts and material world and creating Peace from within. Just as you need to take a shower once a day, you need to wash your soul as well. As days go by, we create a volcano with our thoughts, actions and feelings that erupt every so often. If we learn to create peace within and wash our soul we can think with a clean mind and deal with situations easily.

Our classes are divided into two categories: Meditation and Positive Thinking. You will benefit with both. Our positive thinking courses are separated by problems we create or topics we need help with.

Enjoy your videos as they are for your benefit and please comment if you have a second so others can enjoy your thoughts.

Meditation Videos

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Positive Thinking Videos

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