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Hollywood Meets Bollywood

By Roshni Mulchandani – BollySpice.com
1 Oct 2010

image002It took Hanuman Media’s Saba Moor-Doucette and Sunil Sadarangani, whose prime aim was to bring two cinematic worlds, Hollywood and Bollywood, on a single platform, to organize a fusion charity event which was attended by several prevalent members from both industries. Titled “The Bollywood/Hollywood Fusion Red Carpet Charity”, the fundraiser began with a Red Carpet parade which saw Bollywood star and Guest of Honor, Gulshan Grover grace the event along with Ken Davitian (Borat and Get Smart), Director Bill Duke (Sister Act 2 and actor to Henry’s Crime), Jeff Doucette (star of Hisss, Desperate Housewives), Krista Vernoff (Executive Producer and Head Writer, Greys Anatomy), Gary Conrad (Creative Director at Nickelodeon), Rahul Walia (CEO Touchdown Media and Sony TV, India consultant), Tom Tangen (Actor and Producer), Stev Elam (Telly Award winning Director), Shawn Parikh(Actor, Outsourced and Bollywood To Hollywood) and Saba Moor-Doucette writer/producer/director of Bollywood To Hollywood, just to name a few.

The night proved to one that was filled with Bollywood fever as the 200 plus guests were treated to a number of performances including a first ever Bollywood Dance Costume Runway Show created by Rakesh Patel of Bollywood Dance Costumes which was directed by renowned choreographer Jonathan-JB and with couture by Roshena Chadha Designs. The runway show also saw Bollywood To Hollywood’s Star Sunil Sadarangani make his debut on the runway as he danced and modeled in true Bollywood style. In addition, a number of solo performances wowed audiences and were presented by Boogie Woogie champion Sagar Patel, prominent dancer and choreographer Jaya Vaswani. And that wasn’t all. In efforts to thoroughly entertain their guests, Hanuman Media showcased clips from their popular web-series Bollywood TO Hollywood. Paulie Rojas, who will soon be seen in upcoming film The Witches of Oz, played Master of Ceremony to the show while DJ Anokha kept guests dancing with his fusion style music.

To ensure that both charities, Special Spirit and Blue Star of Hope, gained the maximum from the event, a Silent Auction and Raffle was organized. Generous sports celebrities donated various items, Diamond Jewelry from Eternity Diamonds, designer clothes, vacation cruises, gift certificates and various other gifts were contributed to the Silent Auction and Raffle along with gift bags from Showbiz Software filled with goodies plus copies of India West and Bollywood To Hollywood t-shirts sponsored by Niiice Gear. The sponsors which ranged from leading Indian restaurant Jay Bharat Restaurant to jewelers Eighternity Jewelry, who also graciously gifted an exclusively designed diamond ring. Gulshan Grover was heard saying to the media and guests, “I made it a point to attend Sunil and Saba’s charity event although I just arrived in L.A. 2 hours ago. It is great to see the growing popularity of Bollywood in Hollywood. I support all the work that Hanuman Media is doing to make this happen here in Los Angeles.” The event can easily be deemed a smash hit with guests gushing about the performances and Hanuman Media as they left along with the both charities benefitting fully.

India Dance Workout With Jaya Vaswani

Press Release June 8, 2011
image004Glamorize Your Work-outs and Let Your Inner Bollywood Goddess Shine! Unleashing the secrets of Bollywood dance and tness, Om in Motion, Inc announces the May 6, 2011, release of INDIA Dance Workout with Jaya Vaswani. Dance is the most exciting tness trend and with Jaya Vaswani’s art in teaching and step by step training abilities, tness instructors are able to add even more avor to their classes. Even for those who feel shy to take a class in a local studio, INDIA dance Workout with Jaya Vaswani lets you learn at your own pace, in your own time, and just indulge in a cultural experience without all the travel fees to India!

INDIA Dance Workout shows the exotic moves to staying t and challenges you to learn a sexy Bollywood dance routine, capturing the true beauty adored in Bollywood actresses today. Led by Jaya Vaswani, who has been igniting International venues and stages for over fteen years, this program is a great workout that shows the fusion of styles found in Bollywood dance today Jaya seamlessly diversies your dance vocabulary as you learn to manipulate your ngers, shake your hips, and add that Bollywood bounce in your step! Like her previous DVD “Bollywood for Beginners” produced by World Dance New York, INDIA Dance Workout mimics Jaya’s unbeatable workshops and Dance classes. Now, for the rst time, her most adored Bollywood dance tness moves and choreography are available to all those who want to learn how to execute this exotic fusion of dance and tness. Discover the ingredients to Bollywood dancing and gain the condence to enhance your performance skills. Look no further if you have been trying to nd a useful routine of moves to perform at your next wedding, party or Bollywood inspired event! The DVD is approximately 64 minutes and includes a short closing meditation that will open your heart and let your inner Bollywood goddess shine! Om in Motion, Inc is proud to announce the India Dance Workout product is produced on recycled card stock containing 80% PCW Workout Options: BASIC STEP Warm-up (10 min.); BOLLYWOOD DANCE ROUTINE (40 min.), BOLLYWOOD FUSION FITNESS (11 min.), and Cool Down MEDITATION (3 min.) Om In Motion, Inc. dba MyBollywoodStudio.com, the International School for Bollywood dance that enriches students through online video streaming, has produced the most seemingly advanced tool for experiencing Bollywood dance in its most current form. INDIA Dance Workout with Jaya Vaswani and other titles from MyBollywoodStudio.com’s new product line are available from www.jayavaswani.com or www.MyBollywoodStudio.com or by calling (310) 403-8033.

DVD Single
UPC: 8-11204-01286-3
SRP: $16.99 U.S.
Running Time: 64 minutes.
Contact: Preeti Haqq : (310) 403 8033


M.A.M.A Earth Charity Event

MyBollywoodstudio.com performs on stage along with Bruno Mars
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Miami Bellydance Convention

Jaya Vaswani

MyBollywoodstudio.com interview with Barbara Mori


Bárbara Mori está enamorada Probó y le gustó Bollywood
Univision.com .
Univision.com 21 de Mayo de 2010
La espera terminó, Kites está próxima a estrenarse. Desde hace dos años Bárbara Mori se ha dado a la tarea de promocionar la cinta más romántica que ha hecho a la largo de su carrera de la mano del rompecorazones hindú Hrithink Roshan.
Se siente realizada
En entrevista con Despierta América la actriz uruguaya, nacionalizada mexicana, señaló que Kites no sólo la dejó con gran sabor de boca, sino enamorada de Bollywood, que la recibió con los brazos abiertos.

¿Pero será que sólo quedó prendada de la industria cinematográfica hindú? Cuando terminó su noviazgo con José María Torre, se dijo que Hrithink Roshan había sido la manzana de la discordia. Los actores negaron el romance, pero es evidente que la química que surgió entre la pareja le da un toque muy especial a la cinta, que no sólo muestra el romance entre un hindú y una mexicana, sino que incluye el toque de acción que es muy característico del cine bollywoodense.

“La mayoría de nosotros [los actores] pensamos día y noche en Hollywood y nos olvidamos de Bollywood, industria que produce mil películas al año, mucho más de lo que se hace en Estados Unidos”, señaló Bárbara Mori.

Asimismo, señaló que posiblemente su mirada intimidante fue la clave principal para que los productores la eligieran como pareja del galán hindú, pues su parecido (tanto en el tono de piel como de ojos) ayudó a que formaran una pareja inolvidable.

El estreno de Kites será el próximo 21 de mayo en gran parte de Estados Unidos y la India.

¡Descubre India antes de su estreno!


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Bollywood Aerobics

Rahul Nath is introducing the L.A. dance and fitness communities to a new kind of cardio workout.
By Lisa Jo Sagolla
May 14, 2010

“I’m actually quite shocked at the success I’ve had with Bollywood aerobics. I never expected it to take off as well as it has,” says Rahul Nath, a Hollywood-based actor and professional Bollywood dancer, who is teaching a new form of exercise that combines the latest moves from Bollywood cinema with an intense cardiovascular workout. Though he now teaches his Bollywood aerobics at four 24 Hour Fitness centers in the Los Angeles area, Nath introduced the concept last summer at Heartbeat House, a dance studio in Glendale, Calif., where he still teaches Bollywood aerobics as well as dance technique classes in the Bollywood style.

An informal term for the Hindi-language film industry of Mumbai, India (formerly Bombay), “Bollywood” refers to those lavish Indian movie musicals that do much of their storytelling through high-energy music and dance sequences. Though Bollywood choreography incorporates contemporary hip-hop and jazz-funk moves, the dancing is firmly grounded in India’s traditional dance forms, which call for much greater articulation of the chest, hands, fingers, and face than is required in most Western dance styles.

“So the great thing about Bollywood aerobics is that you not only get a solid cardio workout, but you get a full-body muscular workout as well,” Nath explains. “Even the tiniest muscles of the fingers are being used, and because the Bollywood music is such fun and you never know what movements are coming next, you don’t even realize you’re exercising.”